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In the United Nations Society, training is a key part of what makes our delegates strong competitors and key allies in any committee.  Our training directors pride themselves on their multi-faceted training program for delegates new and old.  With something for anyone in the society, from fresh first-year to grizzled masters student, we hope that your come and learn something from our sessions.


For information on how Model UN committees work, how to research for them, and what the rules of procedure are, check out the TRAINING DOCUMENTS below.

Training Guide

The United Nations Society’s introductory training guide

The basic guide to starting out in a MUN committee

Research Guide

The United Nations Society’s Research guide

Your place to start preparation for any committee

Rules of Procedure

The United Nations Society’s procedure guide

Almost everything you wanted to know about MUN procedure

Your Training Directors


Matthew Mariani

Matthew is going into his 3rd year with the United Nations Society, studying Global Politics here at Carleton. Originally from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Matthew has been able to develop many lifelong bonds throughout his time in the society. He has a strong passion for the culinary arts, pro-wrestling and as many of you will find out early on, general assemblies. Matthew is excited to be one of your co-directors of training and hopes to provide you all with the tools you need to be outstanding delegates.

Bekah Dyck

Training Blog

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