Welcome to the UN Society!

A non-partisan, non-advocacy and not-for-profit organization, the UN Society specializes in hosting events for diplomatic networking and providing opportunities to represent Carleton University on the North American Model UN conference circuit (Diplomacy in Action!).

Since its establishment in 2003, our team has steadily risen in the ranks of the top schools. The second highest ranked Canadian team, we have also secured a spot in the Top 30 schools in North America for Model United Nations. Moving forward, we constantly strive to improve our team and the caliber of our performances.

In addition to our competitive presence, we also pride ourselves on hosting events with the goal of promoting discussion and awareness of international affairs. These events are held throughout the year and include a Speaker’s Series, Embassy visits and social programming. The UN Society is open to all Carleton students of any faculty and major who have a passion for debate, international relations, or are looking for opportunities to develop professionally and network in an engaging environment.

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Mission Statement

At the United Nations Society, we believe that every Carleton student should be empowered with the opportunity to learn, grow and develop valuable life skills in a fun and positive environment. We seek to engage students from all programs and backgrounds in a world of applied diplomacy. Our goal is to create confident leaders, diplomatic negotiators, and inspired communicators through participation in Model United Nations simulations, contact with political and academic communities, and by providing opportunities for intellectual debate. As a competitive team, we strive to improve the reputation of our school, and bring matters of international significance to the forefront of our community. We aspire to foster global citizens who value integrity, hard work and professionalism in all their actions, both in and out of committee.

Governing Documents

The UNS: Then and Now

Though it seems impossible to visualize now, it was only a few years ago that the United Nations Society was a small, 30-40 member club with a barely manageable debt and few professional aspirations.

Over the course of only one year, a past team of executives turned that debt into a surplus, increased our membership almost tenfold, made a name for our university on the international circuit, and wrote our Society’s formidable constitution, which features a strict electoral code, a clear division of roles in the executive, and enforces fiscal responsibility.

Since then, all those elected to the board have worked tirelessly to maintain this progress. We have further increased our membership, expanded our list of external conferences, established a strong presence in the international Model UN world, and have even begun subsidizing our delegates to increase the accessibility of the opportunities that we provide. We offer sophisticated social and programming events, and we have expanded our on-campus presence to bring opportunities to more that just those who are interested in Model UN, but everyone interested in professional development, international relations, global development, and world issues. We provide training in key skills such as public speaking, negotiation, and debate, and we host sessions for educational development and networking.

Our goals involve building on this recently-laid foundation and developing what we have to offer in order to cater to a wider group of people with a variety of backgrounds. We share with the United Nations a deeply instilled value of collaboration and inclusiveness; we want to share what we have to offer with the Carleton Campus and beyond.

Our membership drive takes place during the first two weeks of September, and registration begins as of September first. For questions, please contact Lara at

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