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Christine Baillergeon

Christine is a psychology student at Carleton, with a minor in Neuroscience and Mental Health. Having been voted “Most Likely to Never Leave the Society” by the UNS membership in 2017, and not knowing what else to do with her life, she is recommitting to the UNS for another year (if you have any better ideas, please let her know). This is her fourth year as a member of the UN Society and her second term serving on the Board of Executives, following a term as Director of Special Projects in 2016-2017. Her most important role, however, is mentor and educator (and mother), attempting to raise 2 young social justice warriors into adulthood, because we need more of those. She is most often described as intense, and/or late, but she dares you to live a day in her life without breaking down in tears of frustration when Gabrielle decides that mud puddle just needs to be jumped in right now. Outside of school she works primarily with animals (not the normal ones, we’re talking sugar gliders and wallabies); in rescuing, breeding, and training capacities, and her less charitable friends reluctantly acknowledge her big heart and unceasing caring nature. Her passions in life include: sugar, chocolate, animals, coffee, sugar, money, gardening, sugar and winning at Monopoly, whatever the cost. She hopes to eventually complete a burden to the taxpayer, I mean, PhD in clinical psychology, if she can ever actually complete her undergrad.


Email: finance@unsociety.com


July 1, 2017