Working Together

In accordance with the values of the real UN, the UN Society believes that working with other clubs and societies is an excellent way to better serve our membership and our University as a whole.

The UN Society focuses its programming on professional development training and international affairs education. Given that these topics are relatively broad, there is a wide variety of subtopics that we would be interested in addressing in partner events with other clubs.

Check out some of the ways that your group could work with us, or, if you have an idea that you don’t see here, contact Lara, our Vice President of Communications, at info@unsociety .com.

Social Events

Similar clubs tend to yield similar types of memberships, and in our field, networking is nearly as important as our education. From pub nights to coffeehouses, there are tons of ways to get our members together to interact. To coordinate a social with us, contact Jocelyn, our director of Special Projects, at specialprojects@unsociety .com.

Fundraising Events

As a student-run non-profit organization, we know the importance of fundraising. By working together, we can expand the reach of our fundraisers and even make them more engaging. To inquire about fundraising together, please contact Jocelyn, our Director of Special Pojects, at specialprojects@unsociety .com.

Programming Events

We’re always looking for ways to give our members more educational opporunities. Speaker series, networking events, and professional development events are just some of the ways that we provide this service. To coordinate with us on a programming event, contact Ben, our Director of Programming, at programming@unsociety .com.

Cross Promotion

If its too late to start coordinating, but you still would like to advertise your event to people who might be interested, we can help you get the word out. Similarly, there will be times when our events may be of interest to your members, and you can help us connect with them. Coordinating event promotion together can yeild greater turnout and more awareness. To start working with us, contact Lara, our Vice President of Communications, at info@unsociety .com.


The UN Society offers professional development training to people from all disciplines. We practice debate, negotiation, public speaking, and resolution writing, all skills that are applicable to almost any professional circumstance. If your society could benefit from these skills, or focuses on other professional development skills that you would like to share, please contact our Co-Directors of Training, Simon and Nikola, and .com and .com.


Over the year, the UN Society hosts two internal conferences, one in the fall, and one in the winter. These conferences are designed to provide intensive training and networking sessions for our delegates before they participate in external conferences. We are happy to entertain ideas for hosting more conferences, ones that would be accessible and useful to non-members. To coordinate a conference with us, please contact Lara, our Vice President of Communications, at info@unsociety .com.

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