What is Model United Nations?

The modern day, academic version of fantasy role-play, Model United Nations draws upon “delegates” skill’s of public speaking, research and team work, propelling them into a simulation of a UN body or other decision-making assembly. Delegates play a character in the committee, typically representing a member nation of the UN, a government, or a public figure discussing any range of political topics and crisis situations from human trafficking to security Issues. For example, one could be representing the Chinese delegation on the World Health Committee discussing the prevention of infectious disease epidemics, or a member of the American Cabinet during the Bay of Pigs incident in 1961 attempting to protect US interests. Delegates must come prepared to argue the position of the person or country they represent on the topic and then work with other delegates to write actionable policies to be debated and voted on by the committee as a whole.

These simulations are typically hosted as 3-4 day conferences at Universities and High Schools around the world, often run by the students themselves. They usually consist of several days of debate and evening social events, concluding with a closing ceremony where the top delegates and teams are presented with awards. The best part is you get to dress up! Western business attire is required. While traditionally MUN focused mostly on the body’s of the United Nations such as the General Assemblies, ECOSOCs and the Security Council, recent trends have made alternative committees popular at most conferences. It’s not unusual to see a historical Papal Conclave simulation, a fantasy committee like the Galactic Senate or even a business focus like OPEC. No matter what interests you, Model United Nations is always a fun-filled weekend with a little something for everyone.

Why should I Do Model UN?

You don’t have to be a Political Science major to enjoy Model United Nations. At the UN Society, we feel that the skills you will take away from what we do can help you no matter what your future career path may look like. Whether it’s building your resume to stand out from a crowd (Model UN participation always looks good), or creating confidence to speak eloquently and deliver succinct arguments, there will always be a way to continue to grow and develop. Some people do Model UN to learn, others do it to meet people on campus, and a few do it to win. No matter what your goal the UNS has something for you. Come give us a try!

Conference Eligibility

If you wish travel with the team to one of the many external conferences we attend throughout the year, it is required that you attend our Fall In-House, hosted at the end of September. If you cannot attend the In-House, you MUST schedule an interview with members of the Committee on Personnel so that you are eligible. Your performance at the Fall In-House or your interview will be assessed according to our MUNdex system and used in determining conference invitations.

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