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United Nations Society Mentors

The UNS Mentorship Program, or “MUNtorships”, is comprised of a dedicated and friendly group of experienced veteran members of the UN Society who are excited to share their knowledge and advice with new members. This year’s group of Mentors, or “MUNtors”, is comprised of members with a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds both within the Society and Model UN, and elsewhere in internships, volunteering experience and other unique activities. We are proud to have a group of Mentors that demonstrate the diversity and variety in our membership, and hope that all new members, regardless of academic program or background can find a friendly face on the Mentors team they can connect with. The UN Society is truly lucky to have a group of driven senior members so interested in positively impacting the experience of our newest members and we are all extremely grateful for them. New members are encouraged to take full advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience at their disposal with our dedicated team of Mentors and, at the very least, say hello and introduce themselves whenever they see one of our amazing Mentors at events, during committees or around campus.

Emily Manzerole

Emily Manzerolle is a 4th year Public Affairs and Policy Management student studying Law and Human Rights. Currently on a co-op year, she is working with the Department of Canadian Heritage, but is eager to get back into Model UN in her downtime. Emily prefers to participate in smaller specialized agencies, and enjoys committees focusing on security or legal topics. Having attended 10 conferences in the last 3 years, she considers herself fairly experienced and is very eager to work with new delegates! A Marvel nerd and Canadian football enthusiast in her personal life, Emily is very excited by the upcoming conference roster, and is always available for questions or conversation!


Lauren Thomas

I’m super excited to be mentoring this year along with my stellar team! This will be my third year in MUN and my first as a MUNtor. MUN has been such an important part of my university life for a number of reasons. I met a lot of my good friends, developed public speaking skills, and learned about different countries and the challenges they face. Last year, I completed my undergrad in political science and history, and now I’m currently taking an extra class while working. My other hobbies include reading, writing, gardening, and baking. I look forward to meeting all of you!


Jason Evans

Hi everybody! My name is Jason Evans and I am going to be your MUNtor for this, your first year in Carleton’s United Nation Society. I am a third year Public Affairs and Policy Management student who spent last year as a rookie in the UNS. Although I only have one year of experience, I did attend five external conferences, winning awards at four of them. These external conferences were hands down the best experience of my university career so far so I will be directly encouraging each and everyone of you to attend at least one external this year. A little bit about my self personally, I was born in Fredricton but moved to Ottawa when I was young. I have a keen interest in politics, serving as a youth advisor for MP Andrew Leslie and MPP Marie-France Lalonde while also volunteering on Parliament Hill for MP Pam Goldsmith-Jones.


Jayson Pham

Jayson Pham, or “J. Pham”, is a fourth year Bachelor of Social Work student, with a focus on human rights, youth mental health and international development. He has been with the United Nations Society for over three years and participated in multiple external conferences over the past year. With his interest in international development, he has previously lived and worked in Kampala, Uganda over the past summer, and dedicated his time in working with local community members by bringing in structural and sustainable changes. In his free time, Jayson can be seen on his bicycle roaming the streets of Ottawa (or getting lost), travelling to different countries or doing mental health public speaking gigs at the Royal Ottawa. He hopes to make a greater impact for future UNS members and looks forward to another exciting year with the United Nations Society.


Seth Eichhorst

I’m going into my fourth year of BGInS with a specialization in international economic policy. This will be my eighth year of MUN but even after 25 conferences there are still things about MUN I don’t know. My speciality is historical crises, if you have questions about those come and find me. I have also been to most of the conferences we go to, ask me if you want to know what any of them are like. Best of luck on the circuit this year, and I hope to see you at the Fall In-House! Dream committees: German unification or War of the Roses.


Michael JS

Hello to all the new and returning members of Carleton’s UNS. My name is Michael and I am more than happy to be apart of the UNS Mentorship Program team. I’m from Vancouver BC and was a swim coach this past summer. This will be my second year at Carleton and in the UNS. For me joining Model U.N was a great way to broaden my vision and perspective towards major issues around the world. This, in turn, helps me better analyze and create better ideas whether that’s for a resolution or a term paper. Basically a more fun tutoring session about foreign affairs and diplomacy.


Further, another one of the best aspects about the UNS is the community. The most memorable moment for me last year was when we all went to Harvard MUN. I was still new during this time, but everyone treated me as if I joined the same time they did. Also, anytime I needed to ask a question there was somebody always willing to point you in the right direction.


If you ever need to contact me, I am just a Facebook message away! I hope this year goes well for all of you, – MJS


Volodymyr Prystaiko


Hi, I’m a third year Aerospace Engineering student at Carleton University. I’ve been a member of the UNSociety for all three of those years.


“MUN is not rocket science, you’ll get the hang of it!” – an aspiring rocket scientist.


Email: vova.prystaiko@cmail.carleton.ca


Saalim Qamar

Saalim is a Political Science student with a concentration in International Relations and is going into his second year with the UN Society. Saalim most looks forward to introducing new members to the wide breadth of personal skill development possible through UNS and MUN, particularly with regards to debate and public speaking. A fan of photography an K-pop jams, Saalim is excited to show new members the robes in both committees and socials.

Talia Rampelt

Hello! Aside from being a proud member of the Carleton Model United Nations Team, I am the VP Social for the Bachelor of Global and International Studies Academic Society, a Carleton University Residence Fellow, a volunteer for the office of Elizabeth May, and a dog enthusiast. I love a good adventure and have walked the second largest wall in the world, located in Rajasthan, India. I’m very excited to meet with new members and get back into all of the fun adventures and experiences that MUN will bring this year!