The Mentorship Program

With a society of over 200 members, sometimes it’s hard for our executive to develop connections with each member individually. And, while we do our utmost to make sure every member feels included, involved, and comfortable in the society, we know that it’s not always possible to reach out to everyone.

That’s why, as part of this year’s outreach strategy, we’re launching a new and improved mentor program.

Returning members will have the opportunity, before the beginning of the school year, to apply to be a mentor for the UNS. As new members register during recruitment period, they will be assigned to a mentor with similar interests and/or a similar area of study.

Mentors will be responsible for reaching out to their mentees, and providing support in training, integration, and even academic pursuits.

We hope to see not only a fruitful development of friendships within the society, but also the growth of our support network and the famous “family feel” of the society.

For any questions about the mentorship program, please contact Lara at

Please note that the mentorship application form will be sent out to the 2014-15 membership during August.

Transportation Subsidies

One of the challenges that comes with doing Model UN competitively is that travelling to conferences can get a little expensive. Between delegate fees, transportation costs, and accommodation costs, we know that some opportunities seem a little out of reach.

So we decided to make it easier. Every year, a large portion of our budget goes to subsidizing your transportation costs. We take the cheapest method of travel (usually Greyhound) and calculate a percentage of that cost, usually ~30%, and write you a check for that amount.

Better still, we provide transportation to both QMUNi and McMUN, which means you have access to two conferences totally free!

Every year, we hope to increase the amount that we subsidize for our members because we believe that the opportunity to do Model UN is something that everyone should benefit from, regardless of financial situations. This year’s subsidy amount depends on a number of budgeting factors and has yet to be released, so don’t miss out on attending September’s Annual General Meeting, where we’ll be releasing our subsidy amount, along with a number of other important figures.

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