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Check out each page to discover more about the conferences the society will be attending in the 2016/17 academic year.

Fall Conferences


Georgetown University

Its perfect timing during fall reading week makes this an excellent opportunity for returning members looking to fit a high level conference into their fall semester.


Queen’s University

A perfect opportunity for new delegates, Queens provides a more relaxed atmosphere for those looking to improve their skills.


University of Waterloo

UWMG20 is a relatively new conference but has solidified its reputation as an exciting experience for new and experienced delegates. The conference features three committees and a press corps. With only 100 delegates in attendance, this makes for an intimate committee experience and gives plenty of opportunities to engage and make speeches.


Montreal, QC

Hosted by Dawson College, MUNC is a two-committee conference with an ICJ and a joint Kremlin vs White House crisis.


University of Pennsylvania

UPMUNC is a top-tier competitive model United Nations conference held in Philadelphia, and is consistently ranked among the top 5 MUN conferences in North America. UPMUNC hosts a wide range of committees from general assemblies to economic and social councils and crisis committees.

Winter Conferences


McGill University

One of the largest conferences of the year, McMUN is known well for its post-committee social events, which are said to be some of the best in North America.


Harvard University

The Super-Bowl of the Model UN world, Harvard’s annual conference attracts over 3,000 delegates from every corner of the globe each year.


Carleton University

Carleton’s home turf event, a unique simulation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Canada’s main security partnership, is not one to miss this year.


University of Toronto

This is a great opportunity for new and experienced delegates alike to help us demonstrate once again that Carleton is a force to be reckoned with in the Canadian MUN circuit.


United Nations Association in Canada

CANIMUN is one of the most unique conferences on our roster and is perfect for brand new delegates, or those looking to build their skills.


Royal Military College

RMCMUN features the opportunity to sleep in the RMC barracks, dine in the mess hall, and experience a bit of military life alongside debates centered around defence-related topics.


West Point Military Academy

WPMUNI is held at West Point Military College in West Point New York and is a simulation of the United States national security apparatus. The simulation takes place across 7 interlinked crisis committees that each simulate a separate part of the United States national security system.

Conference Delegation Selection Process

The United Nations Society strives to maintain a balance between creating strong, competitive external delegations and ensuring that all delegates have the opportunity to participate in an external conference. We aim to provide each member with the opportunity to attend at least one external conference as a member of Carleton’s team. This year, we have instituted the following procedure for conference selection to uphold that mission:

1) At the Fall In-House conference, committee chairs observe all delegates to determine their strengths, areas of improvement, and the level of competition that each delegate is best suited for, and record it in our ‘MUNdex’ format. Delegates who are unable to attend the Fall In-House but still wish to attend an external conference must participate in an interview with 1-2 members of the Committee on Personnel. The Committee on Personnel consists of the President, the Vice President of Communications, the Director of Programming, and the Co-Directors of Training.

2) Following the In-House, all delegates will have the opportunity to express their preferences for which external conferences they wish to participate in. This is presented as a list of our entire external circuit with the option to select “Yes” or “No” to express level of interest in each conference.

3) The Committee on Personnel, after receiving these responses, will match delegates with the conferences they want to attend, provided their experience, MUNdex assessments, and levels of competition qualify them.

4) Every delegate who meets these qualifiers (interest and experience) will receive an invitation to the conferences for which they qualify. At this point, delegates may confirm their spot by paying the delegate fee, on a first-come-first-served basis. Note: that the number of delegates invited to a conference will far exceed the number of spots available on the delegation, so delegates interested in attending a conference should make arrangements to pay for their spots as soon as possible. The Executive will announce office hours to collect these fees, and will not accept payment before this time in the interest of fairness.

5) Once the delegation has been filled, all other delegates wishing to attend a conference will be placed on a waiting list, once again on a first-come-first-served basis (there is no financial commitment required to be placed on a waiting list). If a paid delegate drops out, the first person on the waitlist will be contacted and given an appropriate period of time to pay their fee . Should they decline, the Executive will move down the waitlist until it is exhausted.

If the spots for a conference have still not been filled within an appropriate period of time, the Executive may decide to reissue the invitation to a wider selection of the membership.

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