Executive Team

Ben Lauter (he/him)


Ben is a fourth year double majoring in History and Political Science. Born and raised in Ottawa, Ben has always been interested in politics, history, international relations, and debating all of which naturally drew him to Model United Nations. As a result Ben started his Model UN club in high school and joined the Carleton United Nations Society in his first year of University in 2019. Since then Ben has continued to participate in Model UN, winning several awards throughout the years. 

Outside of university Ben likes to explore the outdoors through activities like hiking, snowshoeing and skiing.

Email: president@unsociety.com

Patrick Muir (he/him)

Vice President, Finance

Patrick is in his fourth year studying Public Affairs and Policy Management, majoring in communications policy and minoring in European and Russian studies. He gets a thrill out of history, politics and Wikipedia doom scrolling. 

In his free time you can find him playing guitar, getting lost on campus, and planning spontaneous road trips.

Email: finance@unsociety.com

IMG_1792 - Vrinda Agnihotri

Vrinda Agnihotri (she/her) 

Vice President Communications

Vrinda is in her fourth year of Public Affairs and Policy Management, specializing in social policy and minoring in Psychology. She has been participating in Model U.N since the tenth grade and loves watching chaos unfold in crisis committees. 

Outside of running around campus for a new study spot every 10 minutes, you can find her sipping on an iced latte and reading (or pretending to read) a book by the canal. 

Email: info@unsociety.com

Sophie Watt (she/her)

Director of Media

Sophie is in her third year studying Public Affairs and Policy Management, specializing in International Relations and Conflict, with a minor in Economics. She has always had an interest in international issues, and has enjoyed participating in MUN as a way to express this. Sophie was the first grade nine student to join her high school’s Model UN team, and enjoys the (mostly) organized chaos of crisis committees.

Sophie enjoys arguing how cats are infinitely superior to dogs, scuba diving, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and curling up with a good book.

Email: media@unsociety.com

Maya Bethune (she/her) 

Director of Events

Maya is in her second year of Global and International Studies, specializing in Global Development and minoring in Economics. What sparked her interest in Model UN was her interest in international affairs and geopolitics. After being encouraged by some friends, she joined Carleton’s UN society and has enjoyed every moment.

In her free time, Maya enjoys hanging out with friends, watching soccer, and playing piano.

Email: events@unsociety.com

Zayn Tucker (he/him)

Director of Logistics

Zayn is a third year student in the PAPM program, with a specialization in International Relations and Conflict. His love for all things relating to world affairs and foreign policy drew him to Ottawa from his home in Halifax, and led to an affinity for the world of Model UN. He is particularly a fan of the competition and chaos of crisis committees. 

Outside of society activities, Zayn can be found waiting for late OC Transpo buses, reading sci-fi or history books, and listening to music while wandering near the canal.

Email: logistics@unsociety.com

Megan Johnson (she/her) 

Co-Director of Training

Megan is in her second year studying Global and International studies, specializing in Global Politics. Her interest in global affairs and issues stems from travelling and moving a lot as a kid, living in England and the Philippines before living in Canada. She started MUN when she was in grade nine and hasn’t looked back since. She led her high school’s MUN club in grades 11 and 12, and that has pushed her to be a part of a UNS executive this school year. 

Aside for MUN, she loves spending time with the people she cares about, along with dancing on a night out. She is also a huge concertgoer, so she LOVES music recommendations for smaller artists that come to Ottawa. She also loves to ski during the winter, and has taught skiing for 5 years before coming to Carleton. 

Email: training@unsociety.com

Aiden Rohacek (he/him) 

Co-Director of Training

Aiden is a third year Public Affairs and Policy Management student, specializing in Global Economic Relations. He became involved in Model UN in grade 10, when he joined his high school’s team. Since then, Aiden has been passionate about all things MUN. He can always be found in a crisis committee, cooking up a scheme to cause chaos. 

Outside of Model UN, Aiden enjoys reading, arguing about pointless topics, and procrastinating.

Email: training@unsociety.com