United Nations Society
Executive Team

Jordan Collacutt


Jordan is a fourth year Public Affairs and Policy Management student specializing in Security and Intelligence. Though she calls Ottawa home, she’s originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia and has a sweet spot for its maritime culture. Jordan has also had the opportunity to live in Alaska and Germany.

Influenced by growing up in a military family, Jordan has an interest in global arms proliferation and international military cooperation. 

Email: president@unsociety.com

Anthony Blejdea

Vice President, Finance

Anthony is a third-year student studying Political Science. Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Anthony moved to Ottawa to study politics in Canada’s political heartland. Having travelled across the world and lived in Asia for several years, Anthony has a great passion for international affairs.

Anthony loves the competition and debate found in Model United Nations. He attended five conferences in his first year with the Society, winning awards in three committees.

Email: finance@unsociety.com

Cora Gardner

Vice President, Communications

Cora is in her third year of undergraduate studies, studying Economics with a concentration in Global Political Economy. Originally from Oakville, Ontario, she is still learning to navigate Ottawa but enjoys adventures and exploring the urban terrain. Cora has always had a passion for global relations and discussing international trade.

Outside of class and committee, Cora enjoys arts and crafts as well as spending time with her (many) siblings and friends.

Email: info@unsociety.com

Patrick Lafleur

Director of Logistics

Patrick is a third year Criminology student, concentrating in Psychology with a double minor in Law and Political Science. Seeing an uptick in the severity of violent crime, Patrick aims to further understand the decision making process of violent offenders; comprehending what contributing factors lead people to commit and not commit such acts.

Outside of class and committee, Patrick enjoys the outdoors; going on week long hikes and waking up before the sun for early morning bike rides.

Email: logistics@unsociety.com

Olivia Hobbs

Director of Events

Olivia is a fourth year Geomatics student with a double minor in Archaeology and Greek and Roman Studies. Her studies have influenced her love for research in remote sensing applications in agriculture and archaeology.  

She was raised in Mississauga and Oakville, Ontario. In her spare time, you’ll find Olivia crocheting, hiking in Gatineau Hills, or playing Civilization VI. 

Email: events@unsociety.com

Alexei Kerlovich

Co-Director of Training

50% facts, 50% magic: 100% results.

Email: training@unsociety.com

Mattias Thuns-Rondeau

Co-Director of Training

Mattias is a fourth-year student studying Global Politics. Having grown up in Ottawa, he has also lived several years abroad in Europe and North Africa, where he developed a passion for history and politics. He now studies security and technology issues, and recently completed his undergraduate thesis on technology and transnational far-right terrorism.

Mattias has been involved with the UNS since his first year at Carleton, and has grown to love the experience and community surrounding Model UN.

Email: training@unsociety.com

Vinh Nguyen

Director of Media

Vinh is a second-year student studying Political Science with a concentration in International Relations. He developed a raging passion for multinational relations and global affairs early in his youth. This passion prompted him to move from his home in Windsor to Canada’s political hub, Ottawa.

Vinh’s main intellectual expertise lies in Asian culture and history, as well as political and military disputes. His versatility has allowed him to win awards in two out of the four conferences he attended during his time in the United Nations Society.

Email: media@unsociety.com