UNSociety | Elections 2018
The list of candidates and platforms for the UN society AGM and elections 2018.
Christine Baillargeon, Hannah Delaney, Jason Evans, Jonathan Carlson, Jordan Collacutt, Matthew Mariani, NATASHA LALONDE, Rebekah Dyck, sean havel, Tristan Oliff, Olivia Hobbs
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March 25th 2018:

Elections 2018

Candidates and Platforms


Christine Baillargeon
Hannah Delaney

Vice-President Communications

Jason Evans

Vice-President Finance

No Candidate

Director of Programming

Jordan Collacutt

Director of Logistics

Natasha Lalonde

Director of Special Projects

Jonathan Carlson
Olivia Hobbs

Co-Director of Training

Matthew Mariani
Rebekah Dyck
Sean W. Havel

Director of Media

Tristan Oliff