About Model UN

The United Nations Society is a student club at Carleton University. It is a forum for the discussion of international affairs and a team which competes in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. The Society is a non-partisan, not-for profit and apolitical organization that brings together students from all faculties and programs

MUN provides participants with valuable networking opportunities and skills such as: policy writing, communication, public speaking, and teamwork. Looking for a career? MUN has you covered. Whether it be through the United Nations Internship Program, the public sector, or the private sector, MUN experience is highly valued and gives you an edge when applying to positions. The UNS has seen many alumni find successful opportunities with: the United Nations, the Government of Canada, Non-Governmental Organizations, and private sector institutions

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Canadian Conference Roster

Montreal - McGill Model United Nations Conference (McMUN)

The McGill Model United Nations Assembly is a highly anticipated student-run conference held in the heart of downtown Montreal, Quebec since 1989. Celebrating its 33nd iteration this year, McMUN operates as one of the most prestigious initiatives of its kind in Canada and ranks among the top academic events at McGill University. As the largest collegiate Model United Nations conference in Canada and the third largest in North America, McMUN holds a 500-strong staffing base and attracts over 1600 delegates from around the world to participate in lively debate

Kingston - Queen's Model United Nations Invitational (QMUNi)

The Queen’s Model United Nations invitational is one of Canada’s foremost university-level Model United Nations conferences, hosted in the heart of Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. Celebrating its sixth iteration this year, 2021 marks a unique opportunity for growth and innovation within the scope of the conference. As one of the most highly regarded academic conferences held at Queen’s University, each year participants are pushed to develop their critical thinking, analytical and collaborative skills to solve some of the most pressing global issues

Toronto - North American Model United Nations Conference (NAMUN)

Founded in 1985 and hosted at the University of Toronto, North American Model United Nations (NAMUN) is Canada’s oldest annual university-level Model United Nations conference. Over the span of 8 months our dedicated staff work tirelessly developing content, honing procedures, and organizing administration to provide the most intellectually stimulating, collegiate, and welcoming environment for our delegates. This culminates in our annual 3-day conference where more than 250 student delegates from around the world take part in debates, with topics drawn from issues deliberated at the United Nations

Ottawa - Model North Atlantic Treaty Organization Conference (MNATO)

Founded in 2002, Carleton Model NATO is an annual student-run and organized conference/simulation hosted by Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs in Ottawa, Canada. The annual event takes place every winter in the nation’s capital. The unique four-day conference/simulation brings together over 100 students from across Canada to debate the most pressing transatlantic and international security issues. The core of the event is an intensive and immersive two-day simulation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization decision-making and crisis management. By assuming the role of NATO member state representatives, students gain a rich and unique understanding of Alliance politics, priorities and challenges facing NATO as well as a much deeper understanding of critical international security issues and their solutions

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International Conference Roster

Boston - Harvard National Model United Nations Conference (HNMUN)

For nearly seven decades, HNMUN has served as an annual forum for over 1500 college-level delegates from across more than 40 countries to discuss the world’s most pressing issues and devise solutions to difficult challenges in international affairs.

Participants at our conference form lasting friendships and connections that transcend boundaries, cross cultures, and extend far beyond the four days we spend together at conference. Staffed every year by over 150 undergraduate students from Harvard College, HNMUN remains the oldest, largest, and most prestigious collegiate conference of its kind

Washington D.C. - National Collegiate Security Conference (NCSC)

The National Collegiate Security Conference is the premier collegiate conference in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and is attended by the most competitive schools across North America.

For nearly 50 years, NCSC has provided modern, realistic, and security-focused committees that provide a competitive experience while also inspiring the next generation of leaders to take on complex global challenges

More Conferences Coming Soon!

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