We do Model UN because it provides students with unique opportunities to supplement their education in a ‘hands-on’ learning experience. The many benefits of MUN include developing vital skills in the fields of research, writing, public speaking, negotiation, and diplomatic conduct. Throughout the year our Member’s work exceptionally hard to develop these skills, and although awards are not the only barometer of success, we believe their accomplishments should be celebrated and recognized.


NCSC (Washington D.C, Georgetown University)

Honourable Mention Mary Werre
Verbal Commendations Kiernan McClelland, Benjamin Dolye

QMUNi (Kingston, Queen’s University)

Best Delegation Award
Best Delegate Samir Kassam, Paul Donaldson, Simon Hunt, Mary Werre, Adil Skalli, Cole McGinn
Outstanding Delegate Emily Nickel, Lara Aippersbach, Kiernan McClelland, Mara Wallace
Honourable Mention Hilary Enns, Graham Pedreagosa, Oliver Nacey, Kate Peer, Ben Stone

UPMUNC (Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania)

Honourable Mention Sierra Fullerton and Jared Phillips

McMUN (Montreal, McGill University)

Honourable Mention Akkila Thiru, Melissa Rumble, Ayesha Landon-Browne
Book Award Isabelle Boutet

HNMUN (Boston, Harvard University)

Best Delegate: Anaïs Lynn Voski
Verbal Commendation: Isabelle Boutet and Ben Bushell

MNATO (Ottawa, Carleton University)

Best Delegate: Alex Berryman, Emily Manzerolle
Outstanding Delegate: Benjamin Doyle, Brandon Fick
Honorable mention: Carlos Cantafio
Verbal Commendation: Simon Hunt, Seth Eichhorst, Raji Gandhi

NAMUN (Toronto, University of Toronto)

Best Large Delegation Award
Best Delegate: Sierra Fullerton, Graham A. Pedregosa, Rebecca Henfrey, Anna Marie Robertson,
Outstanding Delegate: Chris Loye
Honorable mention: Chris De Carlo
Best position paper: Sara Reid

CANIMUN (Ottawa, United Nations Association of Canada)

Best Delegate: Raji Gandhi, Nikola Milutinovic, Calum Smith
Prix Paul Gagne: Chloe Halpenny, Samir Kassam, Michael Snow
Best position paper: Christine Baillargeon

ScotMUN (Edinburgh, Scotland: University of Edinburgh)

Best Delegate: Brandon Fick
Outstanding Delegate: Jocelyn DeMone
Verbal Commendation: Melissa Rumble

RMCMUN (Royal Military College, Kingston)

Outstanding Delegate: Simon Hunt
Honorable mention: Ben Stone, Emily Manzerolle

CMUNNY (New York City, Columbia University)

Honourable Mention Jill White
Verbal Commendations Melissa Rumble, Aki Deresse

QMUNi (Kingston, Queen’s University)

Best Delegate Chris Tomalty, Jill White, Alex Berryman
Outstanding Delegate Lara Valles
Honourable Mention Chris Loye

UPMUNC (Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania)

Top Canadian Team
Honourable Mention Sierra Fullerton and Oliver Nacey

McMUN (Montreal, McGill University)

Top Canadian Team
Outstanding Delegate Cole McGinn
Honorable Mention Chris Tomalty, Jordan Bootsma
Book Award Ayesha Landon-Browne, Mary Werre

HNMUN (Boston, Harvard University)

Best Delegate Jill White and Samir Kassam
Honorable Mention Melissa Rumble and Adil Skalli

MNATO (Ottawa, Carleton University)

Best Delegate Roy Sengupta
Outstanding Brandon Fick, Colin Stephens, Jordan Bootsma
Verbal Commendation Daniel Fisher

CANIMUN (Ottawa, United Nations Association of Canada)

Best Delegate Cole McGinn, Hatav Shalileh, Victor Sevilla
Best Journalist (IPF) Anais Lynn Voski
Outstanding Delegate Ben Stone, Patrick Morton
Best Position Paper Farida Hassan
Prix Paul Gagner Peter MacDonald, Michelle Tsang

G-MUN (Grenoble, Université Pierre Mendès France)

Second Place Erin Thompson

CUSA Club Awards

Most Active Club (Common Interest Category)

QMUN (Kingston, Queen’s University)

Best Delegate Jordan Ray, Laura Mitchell, Katelyn Geraldi, Paul Donaldson
Outstanding Delegate Samir Kassam, Chris Tomalty, Jill White
Honourable Mention Erin Thompson, Megan Wiersema, Samantha Sommerville

McMUN (Montreal, McGill University)

Best Delegate Samir Kassam, Sayan Basu-Ray
Outstanding Delegate Laura Mitchell, Brandon Fick

HNMUN (Boston, Harvard University)

Honorable Mention Jill White and Alex Berryman, Issac Gray, Andre Neto-Bradley

CANIMUN (Ottawa, United Nations Association of Canada)

Best Delegate Emily Nickel
Outstanding Delegate Isabelle Boutet, Katie Wyslocky
Best Position Paper Sierra Fullerton, Alex Berryman
Prix Paul Gagner Melissa Rumble

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