Tips for Double Delegating: Surviving and Thriving with a Partner

1. Contact your partner early.  This is especially important if you are with someone you don’t know.    If you don’t have time to meet in person, try a skype or hangouts meeting online.


2.  Talk to them about your strengths as delegates.  Knowing your partner and understanding how to blend your styles is critical to establishing a strategy for working in committee.


3.  Divide up work, but ensure you have a good understanding of ALL topics.  While having an extra brain on your team can be a big time saver, it’s always important that both partners know what they are doing regardless of which topic is selected.


4.  Talk about your plan for the committee in advance.  What will you be pushing for?  What will you strongly oppose?  How do you want to frame your contributions? Double delegate committees move much faster than regular committees so knowing what your strategy is will save you time and strengthen your unit.


5.  Keep communicating.  Ensure you’re on the same page during committee. Make sure you each know what the other is doing to avoid confusion and surprises.